Maintaining your Drive Train

The drivetrain of your bike is arguably the most important part, from a performance perspective. This post will outline some pretty simple things you can do on a regular basis to make sure your drivetrain remains in top condition.

Cleanliness - Next to Godliness!

Keeping your drivetrain clean is very important for performance reasons. There are estimates that you can lose 3+ Watts to a dirty drivetrain!

Here is a video on cleaning your chain properly:

I recommend lubing your chain with a dry lube on a regular basis. How often you should do it depends on riding conditions. If you are riding in conditions that are wet and/or dusty, you should do it after every ride.

You should definitely use a dry lube. Below is a video on how to apply the dry lube to your chain and other parts of your bike:

Also mentioned above is checking your chain to see how much it has stretched. The tool to measure chain stretch costs about $10. If it helps you replace your chain before it ruins your chain rings, it will save you much more than that!

Here is a video on checking your chain for stretch:

Doing these basic things to maintain your drivetrain will help keep your bike in prime condition, and allow the maximum power to be transferred from your body to speed on the road.

Happy Riding!

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