AGFL Triathlon Episode 90: Peter Defty, VESPA Power Products, and Optimizing Fat Metabolism

In this episode, Colin and Elliot have the pleasure of interviewing Peter Defty, president of VESPA power products, and one of the pioneers in fat-adapted performance.  This work, first on himself beginning in the early 2000s, and subsequently with athletes he coached, eventually led to some stunning athletic performances all based upon optimizing fat metabolism. 

Peter pioneered the concept of fat adapted performance in 2000 first personally, then using running friends as guinea pigs, then professionally when he joined VESPA.  These products ‘jump start’ fat metabolism for steady, sustainable energy flow, blood sugar stability thus eliminating the dreaded bonk. Using VESPA, GI issues are virtually eliminated because the body no longer has to rely on consuming a lot of calories, which are a primary trigger for GI issues.  With VESPA recovery also quickens because it prevents the cellular  damage of oxidative stress and lactate load which you have to recover from.

To learn more about the product, Peter offered the following resources:

He has also offered a one-time use 20% discount code for our listeners!  Please enter 'agegrouperforlife20' at checkout to apply this discount!

Enjoy the listen and thanks for joining us Peter!