AGFL Triathlon Episode 107: Interview with NEVERSECOND CEO, Bill Armstrong

In an exciting new episode, Colin and Becca discuss the science of effective fueling with NEVERSECOND CEO Bill Armstrong. Despite being a newer product on the market, NEVERSECOND has quickly risen to the top as one of the best fueling products in the industry, sought after by grand tour teams such as Bahrain Victorious as well as elite triathletes - namely Lisa Norden and Rudy Von Berg. Enjoy learning about the benefits of a company that values authenticity and personal connections to bring you amazing products. Use code Peak20 for 20% off your order! 

Thanks for joining us Bill!


Show Notes:
Interview with Bill Armstrong, CEO of NEVERSECOND nutrition company, to discuss the company's products, athlete sponsorships, and approach to the endurance nutrition market.
Key Takeaways
  • NEVERSECOND aims to provide a complete nutrition system for endurance athletes rather than just selling products. Their products are designed to work together seamlessly.
  • They sponsor a select group of elite athletes who truly believe in their products rather than just using athletes as "billboards." These partnerships allow them to improve their products and tell authentic stories.
  • Neversecond focuses on creating necessary, practical products backed by scientific evidence rather than pseudoscience or hype. They aim to help athletes fuel better through education and personalized guidance.
  • The company prides itself on being transparent and maintaining close relationships with sponsored athletes. The CEO makes an effort to attend many events and races to connect face-to-face.
Company Background and Approach
  • Formed in 2020 by Bill Armstrong and his wife, who have expertise in product development. They partnered with scientist Oscar Aikendriq, considered a pioneer in endurance nutrition.
  • Aim to provide an innovative nutrition system for endurance athletes rather than just selling products. Focused on marginal gains through proper fueling.
  • Use ingredients with strong scientific backing rather than hype or pseudoscience. Test every product batch extensively.
Product Line Overview
  • Started with 2 gel flavors and 1 drink mix, expanded cautiously to more flavors and products like bars and recovery drink based on demand.
  • Gels have 30g carbs for easy tracking. Drink mix offers 30g and 90g carb options. Products designed to work seamlessly together.
  • Provide personalized fueling guidance via QR codes on packaging and online quizzes. Plan to expand guidance tools significantly.
Athlete Sponsorships
  • Sponsor a focused group of around 12 elite athletes plus a larger ambassador group. Look for good communicators who truly value the products.
  • Work closely with coaches and nutritionists as well. Provide an ambassador discount program to improve accessibility.
  • Attend many events to connect personally with athletes. Focus on authentic partnerships, not just using athletes as marketing vehicles.
Company Growth and Future Plans
  • Grown steadily in 2 years with world tour cycling teams and elite triathletes using the products. Plan to expand further into trail running market.
  • Will only create new products when truly necessary and backed by solid science. Some ideas in the pipeline like a sodium additive.
  • Attending wide variety of endurance events in 2022 including Ironman, UTMB, gravel races, etc. to connect with community.
Next Steps:
  • 20% discount code PEAKTRI20 with podcast listeners
  • Consider creating ice gels for future Kona Ironman World Championships