AGFL Triathlon Episode 110: Brad Miles and LEVER Movement

In this episode, Colin and Elliot have the privilege of interviewing Brad Miles at LEVER Movement. Brad is the co-founder of LEVER system which delivers the benefits of bodyweight supported running in a convenient, portable package.  This opens the door to many uses including running and healing through injury, increasing weekly running mileage, minimizing chances for injury, increasing speed (over-speed work), and improving recovery.  LEVER was founded in 2019 after Brad recognized the overwhelming need for a mobile, athlete-friendly bodyweight support system to compete with the AlterG. The primary goal with LEVER was to take technology that was once reserved for the elites and make it available to everyone.  Enjoy the latest podcast as we also get to know Brad a bit and his impressive athletic resume.  Thanks for joining us Brad and good luck at your upcoming ultras!

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Show Notes:
Brad introduces himself @ 0:00
Brad shares his background as a collegiate and professional runner who co-founded LEVER to create an accessible bodyweight support system after seeing friends struggle with injuries.
Brad's athletic background and injury @ 1:43
Brad details his success in high school and collegiate running before pursuing triathlon professionally, but his career was hampered by an injury requiring long recovery.
LEVER product introduction and development @ 19:39
Brad explains how the idea for Lever came during a run, as they saw a need for an affordable bodyweight support option; their early prototypes led to patents, and the company launched after verifying no competitors.
Performance and injury prevention benefits of LEVER @ 25:17
Brad outlines LEVER’s benefits - from injury recovery to increased speed and turnover from reduced impact. Regular usage could translate gains to non-supported runs through improved mechanics.
Future directions for LEVER @ 41:35
Education and individualized training plans are priorities to help athletes optimize LEVER usage. Additional products may expand bodyweight support applications beyond running.
Brad's current training and racing @ 47:00
Brad details his 80-mile training weeks with double threshold sessions and LEVER use for recovery, targeting a 100k; lower mileage suits his build compared to ultrarunner norms.
Using LEVER in different training phases @ 50:32
LEVER frequency varies with goals but commonly aids double days and long run preparation. Individualization is key - athletes journey in tailoring Lever to each training cycle.