Dear Potential Peak Triathlon Coaching Client,

Thank you for considering Peak Triathlon Coaching. We know there are lots of coaches out there and you have many choices. However, hopefully getting a better understanding on our philosophy will help you recognize why we are an excellent option for you.

Are you an age group athlete ready to find balance?
As age group athletes ourselves, we understand the challenges of training while trying to find the proper balance of family, work, training, and the other unique aspects of life. If you work with Peak Triathlon Coaching, you will find that it’s all about balance. We work meticulously with you to ensure we develop a schedule that is going to meet your unique needs and goals. There is more to life than triathlon and for age groupers, balance is the key to avoiding burnout and longevity in living a healthy lifestyle.  Depending on your goals, triathlon may be a huge part of your life, but without balance, it is very doubtful that you will achieve your goals or enjoy the journey.  This focus has helped us aid many athletes in achieving their goals, including qualifying and podium finishes at the Ironman World Championships in Kona as well as other world championship events.

Are you ready to take part in developing and achieving your goals?
We work for our athletes and collaborate to develop the proper training. There are many coaches who use a “my way or the highway” style. That’s not us.  We certainly want to lead the way in developing your training, helping you become a more knowledgeable athlete, and achieving your goals. But we want to work with you. Feedback is a critical part of the process. We watch for your reactions to exercises and workouts, and we continually monitor your opinion of your own efforts and your progress.

Are you looking for a quality over quantity style of training?
The old school style of training entails lots of slow, easy training and a “more is better” philosophy. Slow, easy mileage simply does not meet the needs of most time-crunched athletes and is extremely monotonous.  We implement lots of shorter, more intense training with most of our athletes.  There are no shortcuts in endurance events, but we find that shorter, more intense sessions will optimize the time you have available to train, help you get faster, and ultimately have better results.  That’s not to say you will never be given an easy workouts. Recovery is where the most improvements takes place, so we prescribe easy workouts where they fit in the training process and ultimately we will make sure your easy workouts are easy and your hard workouts are hard.

Are you looking to enjoy your training and the journey to goals?
Endurance events are typically individual sports, but we do not embrace the model of the lonely suffering athlete. We do everything we can to help you enjoy your training and make it fun!  You need to put in the work if you want to be successful, but even with our highly competitive athletes, we try to make their training as fun as possible.  Sometimes this means doing training a little differently than we would normally prescribe, but we find that when we allow our athletes to do the training they enjoy (like group rides, master’s swim sessions, etc.), they end up getting more out of their workouts.  Yes, there can be times we put our foot down and ensure you are doing what is required to achieve your goals, but we typically encourage you to train with groups and friends to make the training more enjoyable and hopefully help push you to the next level.

Can you benefit from objective performance measurements?
We are data junkies.  We love to analyze data and provide feedback to our clients on their training.  Through the benchmark testing incorporated into your training and review of your individual workouts, analysis helps us to determine your strengths and weaknesses, which allows us to help you focus on improvement.  The online training platform we use allows us to analyze your workouts thoroughly, especially when you upload workout files from your Garmin or other training device.  Analyzing the files also helps us open up communication with you. As much as we love reading and playing with numbers, your subjective impressions mean even more in most cases. We will take all of these factors into consideration to ensure we are optimizing your training.

Are you passionate about your sport and your goals?
We truly believe in the power of passion.  A requirement of the all Peak coaches is to be passionate about endurance sports.  Passion is addictive and part of our purpose is to help you to find that passion and drive to achieve your goals.  This often means assisting with the many mental aspects of training and racing. Doubt, fear, overconfidence… we’ve been there and we’ve seen all the mental missteps that can interfere with achieving your goals. You will endure both highs and lows in your journey to achievement. We diligently focus on helping you work through the lows and embrace the highs.

If you answered “yes” to any (or all!) of these questions, you are our ideal client. Whether you are just starting out or are looking to take your training to the next level, we can help take you to your full potential. Our coaches are athletes themselves and have had tremendous success and continue to train, race, and embrace the triathlon lifestyle.  Our coaches have raced on the biggest stages and we have multiple National Champions, Ironman World Championship (Kona) qualifiers, half Ironman World Championship qualifiers, and National team qualifiers.  Combined, we have completed hundreds of endurance events. We recognize that athletic success does not always equate to coaching success, but our experience means that we can help you know what to expect and to be truly be ready for your events.  All of our coaches also have other jobs, commitments, and families so we know how to help you find balance among your training, home life, and professional obligations.

Last but not least, we truly care about our athletes.  We take tremendous pride in helping our clients achieve their goals.  It may sound a bit cheesy, but I can honestly say I get more satisfaction out of seeing you achieve your goals than I do in achieving my own goals.   Multisport events certainly help us stay fit, but they can help us learn so much about ourselves, and push our limits.  I truly believe they can make us better people and we’re so honored to help people transform their lives in such an exhilarating way.
Thanks again for considering Peak Triathlon Coaching.  We would be honored to work with you.




If you’re still not sure if our coaching services are right for you, please check out what are clients have to say about how we’ve helped them. You can also reach out to us so we can set up a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your current training, goals, etc. and how we may be able to help you.