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Peak offers elite level coaching to swimmers of all ages and abilities. So whether you’re new to swimming and want to learn to swim with proper technique or you’re looking to take your swimming to the next level, Coach Colin Cook and Peak can help! Peak offers access to its amazing Elite Endless Pool that can be rented out for swimmers to do their own thing or you can reserve time with Colin to help you dial in your swim stroke.

Learn To Swim More Efficiently, Faster, and With More Confidence!

 Learn from Elite Swim and Triathlon Swim Coach, Colin Cook.  Colin as taken himself and many clients with no swim background all the way from barely being able to get across the pool to qualifying for World Championships!  His ability to relate to people, focus on details, and strong desire to help people be the best they can be will help you get to the next level.  
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Whether You're Just Looking For Time In Our Amazing Endless Pool or You're Looking For High Level Coaching, We've Got You Covered!
Not Sure Which Option Is Best For You? Contact Us to Discuss

Coached Swim Sessions

Sign up for a coached session in the Endless Pool with Coach Colin. Colin will provide you with analysis and feedback to help you take your swimming to the next level. Appropriate drills and/or intervals will be provide to help you improve your swim stroke and efficiency. Video check-ins are included as needed to aid in the process. 

Coached Video Swim Sessions With Voice-Over

Looking for ultimate experience and to take full advantage of your visit? Colin will provide you with drills and/or intervals to help you improve your swim stroke and efficiency. Video checkins are included as needed during the session. In addition, Colin will generate analyzed videos with voice-over feedback on your stroke and technique for you to review after the session.

Self Supported Swim Sessions

Looking to rent out the Endless Pool to follow your own workout? No need to stress about getting a lane or battling with other swimmers. This option will give you the ability to swim on your own, adjust your own paces, and take advantage of having the Endless Pool to yourself. 30, 45, 60, and 90 minute sessions are available. 


 What's so great about swimming in an Endless Pool? 
There are a lot of advantages to swimming in an Endless Pool.  The biggest benefit is the visibility you get some swimming in the same spot continuously.  As the swimmer, you'll get feedback tremendous feedback on your technique from the mirrors on the bottom of the pool.  There is also no better environment for a coach to see exactly what's happening with your stroke.  Add in the 4 camera system we use to catch what's happening from the front, back side, and overhead, and you just can't beat it.  It also allows you to very easily try different things with your stroke and see how it affects your efficiency.  It can also force you to hold your form and push yourself to hold certain paces since the pace is statically controlled and managed. 
Do I have to be an experienced swimmer in order to use the Endless Pool? 
Absolutely not!  Peak welcomes swimmers of our ages and abilities.  It has been said that swimming is 80-85% technique and only 15-20% fitness.  As a result, learning and executing proper technique is critical.  If you're new to swim, start off by learning the RIGHT WAY to swim.  A lot of people try to learn on their own, develop bad habits, and then try to correct them.  By developing good habits from the start, you'll save yourself a lot of time and energy.  Colin loves working with new swimmers and has over a decade of experience working with new swimmers. 
Do I need to be a member of US Master's Swimming to swim in the pool? 
Yes, for insurance purposes, we do require all our swimmers to be members of US Master's Swimming.  To join to renew your membership, please click here
Where do I park?
As you come down the driveway, you'll see a parking area with a Swimmers Only sign.  If possible, please park there and do not block the garage. 
This looks like a residence. Do I come in the front door?
Peak Swim Center is located in the basement of Colin's home.  If you walk around to the back of the house, you will see a separate and private entrance to your left.  If its dark, the flood light should turn on as you approach. 
I am an experienced swimmer. Why do I need a coach?
Like many things, the difference between what we think we're doing and what we're actually doing can be quite dramatic.  Swimming is no exception to this.  Over time, even experienced swimmers start to get sloppy or develop smart inefficiencies with the stroke.  That's why we recommend even elite level swimmers get feedback on their stroke regularly.  Small little adjusts to your technique call really go a long way on improving your speed and efficiency in the water. 
What do I need to bring with me?
A bathing suit, goggles, a towel, and any swim toys/toys you may want to use during your session.  Colin also has some toys available to use during coached sessions. 
Is there a shower or bathroom at Peak Swim Center?
Yes, there is a private entrance, bathroom, and shower that you will have access to.  We strongly encourage all our swimmers to rinse off prior to entering the pool and then are more than welcome to take a shower after their session. 
Do I need to bring my own soap, shampoo or toiletries?
No, Peak will provide you with high quality soap, shampoo, and conditioner to use after your swim.  However, feel free to bring your own products as well. 
Do I need to bring my own towel?
Yes, please bring your own towel.  Shower sandals are also recommend, but not required. 
Should I arrive early? 
Your session will be at the reserved time slot.  We would recommend you arrive 5-10 minutes early so you can change, rinse off, and get prepared for your session.  Your session will start promptly at your schedule time to respect the time of Colin and other swimmers. 
Do you offer a discount to Peak Triathlon Clients?
Yes, active Peak Triathlon Coaching clients do receives discounts on Peak Swim Center services.  Please reach out to Colin to get the special link to book sessions and ensure you get your discount. 
Is the endless pool available to rent by teams or coaches?
Absolutely.  Whether a team or group is looking to receive coaching with Colin, just rent the pool out to use themselves, or another coach would like to use the Endless Pool to instruct, we can make it happen. Please contact us to make the reservation.


“I hired Colin because I wanted to be sure to reach my goals, including to learn how to swim and to become an Ironman someday.  Little did I know at the time, just how fortunate I was to have found such a gifted coach. He took me from not being able to swim even one lap of a pool to being able to conquer the full distance of an Ironman. Colin has not only transformed my athletic ability, but has changed my life in so many ways.  I’ll be forever grateful for his leadership and for helping me create such a rewarding life” 
—Sherri B.
“I have been receiving swim instruction from Colin for 6 months .When I first started with Colin I had already completed a few sprints, a few Olympics, and a Half Iron Man. I was averaging around 1:50 per hundred when Colin first met me. After my first 2 sessions with Colin I was more efficient, faster and more confident in the water. He gave me significant technique critique and immediately had  me happy That I had chosen to seek his instruction. After 4 months ,I swam a22:30 1500m in my first Olympic race of the season (1:30 per hundred). I had completed this same swim course a year earlier in 28:30.I was 6 minutes faster!!Not only was 16 minutes faster but I was less tired getting out  of the water than I was the previous year. Colins focus on techniques keeps you fresh and injury free; two things that every multiport athlete has a challenge dealing with. I will keep working with Colin until he tells me I have it 100% right. He always has things to tell me to make me better. Ihighly recommend working with colin if you want to be faster in the water, be more efficient and get out of the water ready for the bike” 
—Brent 0.
“As an adult  who was new to the concept of swimming ina competitive field Coolin helped me with a verity of skills .Through pool sessions and structured workoutsI was able to gain a huge amount of confidence and become more   compfrotable in the water than I ever thought possible .With his help and instruction I was able to go from swimming ! lap in the pool to over 1 mile in the open water .” 
—Mike D.
“Colin is a great swim coach whether you want  to work on technique, build up endurance or swim a faster race. He will help you get better and build confidence on it all! I first met Colin when I enrolled in his tri swim program. Before that i only knew breast stroke and could barely swim 25 Yards freestyle. Within a span of a few months with just the weekly lessons ,I swam my first 1 mile race at the Lobsterman tri. Since then i have been following Colin’s  swim plans and vastly improved my swim speed and endurance and done a few more Olympic distance and 1/2 ironman triathlons. I would highly recommend  Colin if You want to crush it all your races!” 
—-Deepa M.
“I was very fortunate to come across a swim class at the Nashua YMCA 3 years ago, taught by Colin Cook. At that time I considered myself a beginner swimmer ,and I wondered how  some swimmers could say "I’m just doing an easy 1,000″.Today, I am disappointed if I don’t swim 2,000 yards in a workout! Colin improved my technique, taught me how to relax, encouraged me to be myself and to strive to do my best. Colin is  always positive  and supported towards his students, and he is someone I would highly recommend. As a secondary benefit, I learned a great deal about Tri-training from Colin and in 3 years, I’ve completed 10 sprint almost 66 years old, I have never felt better and I am in the best shape of my life thanks to colin.” 
—Bob P.
“I can’t say enough positive things about having Colin Cook as a coach. He started with a visual evaluation of my swimming and built my program from there. His approach is straight forward and easy to follow. We slowed things down to go fast in the end. His knowledge of techniques, workouts, and training tools are second to none. When you have a coach like Colin you can breathe a sigh of relief and trust the process he will get you where you want to go from beginner to Elite it doesn’t matter.” 
—Sam W.

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