Episode 73: Scott Tindal, Fuelin, and Sports Nutrition

In this episode Colin and Elliot have the pleasure of interviewing Scott Tindal, a performance nutrition coach with 20+ years of experience working with pro and amateur athletes. Scott has a Masters degree in sports medicine and a post-graduate diploma in performance nutrition. He has utilized his knowledge and co-founded the app-based personalized nutrition program called Fuelin.

Scott has worked with athletes from all around the world from all aspects of life, from weekend warriors to seasoned professional. He's worked with professional sports teams in Hockey (Toronto Maple Leafs), Sailing (Team Oracle USA), Rugby (Leicester Tigers), Cricket (Eng Lions), Rowing (Great Britain), and Ironman Triathlon.

Enjoy the listen and thanks for joining us Scott! Also, be sure to subscribe to the Fuelin newsletter as they will be offering a holiday deal soon!