AGFL Triathlon Episode 103: The King of Consistency and EMJ Teammate, David Morris

In this episode, we have the pleasure of interviewing David Morris!  David is an Every Man Jack triathlon member in the 40-44 age group.  We take a deep dive into his self-coached training style that has landed him atop many overall amateur podiums while balancing a career in healthcare/data. He’s also a father of two and married to a former D1 swimmer!  Enjoy David’s calm and consistent approach to “the puzzle of Ironman.” Elliot will definitely has his popcorn ready when David and Colin duke it out in the 40-44 age group at Ironman Lake Placid later in the year!

Thanks for joining us David and see you at EMJ camp soon!

Show Notes:

Interview David Morris to gain insights into their training, racing, and balancing triathlon with family life.
Key Takeaways:
•          Consistency in training is key - David prioritizes doing the same volume week after week rather than increasing/decreasing dramatically
•          Long rides should incorporate some intensity (zone 3) when fatigued to prepare for race pace
•          Running focus is on hill repeats and strides for intensity to reduce injury risk
•          Self-coached but reads books and learns from experience over many years
•          Supportive spouse and involving kids helps balance family and triathlon
•          Morning workouts allow them to train consistently and have family time
•          Enjoys puzzles of Ironman training and racing

Getting into Triathlon
•          Began with running in college to cross-train for squash
•          Cycled for cross-training and with family growing up
•          Brother's Ironman participation motivated them to do first Ironman Lake Placid in 2005
Training Approach
•          Very consistent week to week around 40 mile weeks for run, 2-3 swims around 2500m, rides include long ride
•          Swim workouts: threshold, shorter intervals, endurance/distance
•          Running: hills and strides provide intensity, avoid track intervals
•          Cycling: long rides include some zone 3 intensity late when fatigued
•          Minimal strength training - some plyometrics and higher cadence intervals
•          Lower volume around 12-14 hours but very consistent from week to week
•          Self-coached mostly but had a coach for a year recently
•          Test sets but mostly trusts preparation from consistent schedule
•          Prefers Ironman distance, motivated for Lake Placid 25th anniversary
•          Uses power, HR, feel for pacing, perceived exertion key
•          Kona splits were 63 min swim, 4:38 bike, 3:26 marathon
Balancing Family and Triathlon
•          Supportive spouse understands training/racing
•          Involving kids helps them understand triathlon lifestyle
•          Morning workouts allow consistency in training
•          Doesn't increase volume much from pre-kid training
•          Works from home provides flexibility
Every Man Jack
•          Inspiring to see teammates balance intense jobs, families, and triathlon
•          Enjoys connecting with great people at camps/races
•          Privilege to be part of an amazing group
Next Steps:
•          Prepare for EMJ camp in California in a couple weeks
•          Continue training for Lake Placid Ironman