AGFL Triathlon Episode 108: Brian Maiorano, Coach Liaison at CORE Body Temperature Sensor

In this episode we have the pleasure of interviewing Brian Maiorano, the coach liaison at CORE Body Temperature.  The CORE sensor is the first and only wearable that provide continuous, accurate core body temperature monitoring. The sensor allows you to easily see how much your core temperature rises with effort, so you can train your body to adapt to internal and external heat.  You can also design personalized cooling protocols crucial to helping you sustain your power and pace on race day.  With CORE, you’ll be ready to perform at your absolute best in any conditions.

Enjoy the listen and thanks for joining us Brian.  CORE has kindly offered a 10% discount to any of our listeners via the following discount code: AGFL10 (valid through Friday, March 22).


Show Notes:

We introduce Brian, a triathlon coach and Core Body liaison based in Switzerland. Brian discussed his background coaching in San Diego and now balancing training with fatherhood.
Heat Training Strategies @ 0:50
Brian detailed strategies for heat adaptation training, recommending 2-3 intense sessions weekly to elevate core temperature and induce physiological changes like increased blood plasma and sweat rate. Precision with a core sensor prevents overheating.
Heat Adaptation and Performance @ 4:40
Brian explained how core temperature impacts performance through cardiac drift. As heat rises, blood redirects from muscles to skin, slowing pace and power. Careful heat training builds tolerance while sensors provide awareness to race effectively in warm conditions.
Core Product Overview @ 6:43
Brian outlined Core's temperature-sensing technology, validated to track internal heat through skin. Data enables targeted heat training, guiding athletes to physiological benefits without exhaustion. Racing feedback alerts to impending performance declines.
Elite Heat Training Methods @ 40:50
Top pros leverage extensive data to optimize efficiency gains through precise thermal regulation. Kristian Blummenfelt's Kona performance showed extreme yet dangerous adaptation levels attainable with disciplined heat training.
Heat Training for Cold Climates @ 43:00
While primarily focused on heat, strategies like over-layering transfers to cold tolerance. Core temperature rises are trainable, and sensors provide awareness of skin temperature impacts on performance in freezing conditions. Strategic exposure maintains heat without risk of frostbite.