AGFL Triathlon Episode 111: 2024 Boston Marathon Recap!

In this latest episode, Colin and Elliot discuss another epic duel between each other at the 2024 Boston Marathon.  They review their marathon training prep, lead up to the race, race weekend festivities, and the iconic race itself.  They both cracked 2:39 with Elliot finishing just before Colin in a super close and memorable duel, making Elliot a repeat champion! :) Enjoy as they recap their epic day.  As always, thanks for listening!


Show Notes:
Pre-race preparation @ 0:00
Colin and Elliot discussed their training leading up to Boston, with Elliot nervous about Colin's higher mileage and long runs. They relaxed at Colin's house before the race.
Race strategy and early splits @ 0:56
Elliot used tactics to get ahead of Colin early, taking the lead at 5K. Colin chatted with a friend distracted, allowing Elliot to widen his lead to 35 seconds by 10K.
Chasing each other through halfway @ 5:50
Colin closed the gap at halfway, but Elliot's surge put him 17 seconds ahead at 25K. They remained close as the heat took its toll on runners.
Hills take their toll in the second half @ 19:15
Quads fatiguing, they matched splits at 30K, but hills slowed Colin as Elliot took the lead. Cramping began as Elliot pushed ahead in the final kilometers.
Final push to the finish line @ 24:10
Colin fought through cramps to PR with 2:38:56, but Elliot prevailed in 2:38:09. Both outpaced many as heat impacted the race.
Results, analysis, and future plans @ 33:50
They discussed lessons learned and close competition. Both earned PRs but heat impacted pacing. Colin remains undecided on redemption for next year, while Elliot eyes upcoming races.