AGFL Triathlon Episode 113: Richard McAinsh, Co-Founder and Designer of Ku Cycle

In this episode, we interview Richard McAinsh, co-founder, technical director, and designer of Ku Cycle.  His mission was to design bikes and performance solutions to change cycle sport forever -- rethinking bike design from the ground up while offering the perfect fit for the rider.  The Ku Cycle is a super aero bike with a custom fit for riders of all shapes and sizes.  We discuss Richard’s background, designing of the TF1 Ku Cycle, bike fitting and customization, comparisons to other top-end bikes, and much more.  Enjoy and thanks for joining us, Richard!
For more information please visit the Ku Cycle website.

Show Notes:
Richard's Background @ 0:03
Richard shares his background as a design engineer, starting in aircraft design and then transitioning into the motorsports industry, working for teams like Jaguar, Benetton, and Ferrari for over a decade. He then started his own design consultancy, which led him to work with bicycle brands like 3T.
Designing the TF1 Bike @ 4:09
Richard explains his approach to designing the TF1 triathlon bike, focusing first on optimizing the rider's aerodynamic position before designing the bike around it. This involved extensive testing and analysis to determine the ideal frame geometry and component placement.
Bike Fit and Customization @ 32:06
Richard discusses the bike fit process, where they collect key measurements from the rider to custom-build each TF1 frame. This allows them to accommodate a wide range of rider sizes and body types while maintaining an optimal aerodynamic position.
Comparison to Other Top Bikes @ 57:09
Richard acknowledges that the TF1 competes with some of the top triathlon bikes on the market, like the Cervelo P5 and Giant Trinity, and shares his perspective on how the TF1 stacks up against these industry leaders.
Athlete-Centric Approach @ 58:59
Richard emphasizes the team's focus on athlete performance and experience, rather than just selling bikes. He discusses the importance of the personal interactions and support they provide to TF1 owners, going beyond just the product.
Next Generation Program @ 1:03:07
The team has a "Next Gen" program to support up-and-coming age group athletes, providing them with TF1 bikes and support, with the goal of helping them achieve podium finishes and showcase the bike's capabilities.
Future Developments @ 1:07:59
When asked about potential future upgrades to the TF1, Richard hints that there may be something else in the works, suggesting more innovation to come from the brand.