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Interested in a getting away for a great weekend of training on an Ironman Course or great place to train? Our training camps are an excellent, economical way to get some excellent training in as you prepare for your upcoming races. Most of our training camps on Ironman courses, but are also offered in some beautiful areas in North America. While the majority of our participants are preparing for that particular Ironman, many athletes come to train for other events to just as a fun training weekend. 

"I attended the PTC Mont Tremblant training camp two years in a row in preparation for my first 70.3 and my first 140.6. For both races the training camp was the highlight of my preparation. Peak weeks are hard, but camp allows you to go at your hardest workouts in good company. It’s a chance to bond with other athletes, learn from their experiences, and build your confidence in a supportive environment. You can get input from coaches and familiarize yourself with the venue. Even if you’re not racing that specific course, camp provides a rigorous weekend of training with likeminded athletes. You can focus on your training while still having fun. And not to mention, it is cost effective. There’s no way I could have organized such a weekend on my own. I would recommend camp every time!”
—Lori v. 

2023 Camps


Please email Colin Cook if you have any questions or you would like to be added to the interested list.
General Info:
Each camp provides athletes with an opportunity to train on an Ironman course and surrounding area.  It also gives athletes a chance to train with like minded athletes, learn from one another, and pick the brain of the coaches at the camp.  The weekends are filled with great training, training with others, and relaxation.   We get raving reviews from our past participants about the significant benefits including the fun they have during the camp, the confidence training on the course built for them in preparation for their event, and how much they enjoyed the company of the other athletes.

Are all of the camps definitely happening?
No.  Depending on where we’re at with COVID, we may be forced to postpone/cancel any of the camps.  Please sign up if you’re interested so we can keep you posted on the status of each camp.

Do I have to be participating in that Ironman race that year?
Absolutely not.  While these camps are done on the Ironman courses and provide a great opportunity for those doing that particular Ironman that year to train on the course, but you do not need to be participating in the race to join us.  The camps serve as an excellent opportunity for anyone to get some great training in, regardless of which races you are doing that season.

What is the schedule for one of the camps on an Ironman course (Lake Placid, Mont Tremblant, Maryland)?
Everyone is free to do whatever training they would like to do during the camp.  Especially for those focused on shorter distance races, they may not put in as much volume as those prepping for an Ironman.  With that, here is the typical schedule for the camps:

Thursday: Arrive at accommodations and get settled in.  If there is time, some will do a short swim or run.  Most people arrive in the early afternoon or evening, but there is no required check in time.

Friday:  Long ride.  Most will ride the full 112 mile course or a bit longer and follow it up with a short run off the bike.

Saturday:  Long swim, middle distance ride, and a short run.  Most will swim 2.4+ miles, ride 56+ miles, and then do a short run off the bike.

Sunday:  Long Run and short swim.  Distance may vary significantly by the athlete, but most will go long on the course.  If there is time, some will do an easy swim prerun or a short recovery swim after their run.

Please do not let the distances/durations intimidate you.  You do NOT need to go this far if you do not want to.  We regularly have people join us that go much shorter.  

What do we do for food?
Each participant is responsible for their own food.  Typically in the precamp discussions, we put together a list of things people plan to bring, including food so we don’t have everyone bring the same food/snacks.  We typically go out to dinner as a group each night, but we have also stayed in and cooked ourselves.  This will all be worked on in the weeks leading up to the camp.  However, everyone is free to bring their own food or do their own thing for eating.  Please note that the cost of the camp does not include any food or meals. 

Do we offer carpooling?
Yes.  As the camp approaches, we’ll start an email thread and coordinating with people that are interested in carpooling.

How much does it cost?  
The cost varies from location to location.  Our goal is to make these trips as economical as possible.  The cost also varies on what we get for accommodations that year and the total number of people we have attending.  However, the cost is typically in the $200 - $250 per person range.  Once  we know how many people will be attending and the accommodations have been reserved, we will provide everyone with a final price.

What is included in this cost?
This cost includes your accommodations.  We typically rent houses or condos.  Depending on the accommodations, some people may be asked to share beds and/or rooms.  The goal is to keep the accommodation costs down and focus on training.

When/how do I pay?
A non refundable $100 deposit is required upon sign up.  This can be paid by cash, check, Venmo or Paypal.  Once the final price has been determined, we will request the remaining balance which is also non refundable and due before the camp starts.

Do I have to stay the entire time?
No.  Some people can’t make it up on Thursday or need to leave early to get back home.  That is not a problem and you’re welcome to stay whatever duration of time works best for you.  However, to keep the financials are simple as possible, we do not offer discounts or prorate the cost of accommodations for those that are not staying all 3 nights.

Do I have to stay with the group?
No.  It’s not a problem if people want to stay elsewhere.  However, a big part of the experience in getting to spend time with like minded athletes and have the opportunity to hang out with them outside of training.  Staying elsewhere does limit your opportunity to do so.  This can also create challenges in training with others.

When Do I need to commit by?
We like to book the accommodations at least 6 weeks out, but ideally 8 weeks.  To make the trip as economical as possible, it’s important we get an accurate headcount. 

Can non PTC clients come as well?  
Most likely.  As long as there is enough advance and we have enough room, we are happy to have non-members join us.  However, clients do you have priority.

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